Creating wisdom in kids through play.

We recognize that children grow and develop at various rates. Therefore, our curriculum offers the flexibility to personalize and cater to each child's current needs in order to support their individual growth. We promote social development by encouraging children to interact with their peers and practice communication skills. We support emotional development by creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can express their feelings.

We foster cognitive development by providing age-appropriate activities that challenge and engage children's minds. And we promote physical development by encouraging active play and exploration of the natural world. We are committed to ongoing assessment and evaluation of our curriculum to ensure that it remains effective and up-to-date with the latest research on child development. We are excited to partner with parents and caregivers to support each child's unique journey of growth and discovery.

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Kindergarten K1 + K2

7:30 - 12:15

Elementary G1 + G2

7:30 - 12:45

Advanced Learning

State of the art, interactive learning in preparation for 21st Century skills

Whizz Lab

Students will be exploring al type of age appropriate technology

Science, Biology, Astronomy

Kids will be doing all type of experiments and observations

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Hands On

Learning by doing, promoting dexterity and real-world engagement

Tailored Experiences

We combine technology and methodology to create a unique experience tailored for every child.


We believe in horticulture and early exposure to gardening as part of skill-building for the future